Certification Process

Plan Check & Application Acceptance

CHEERS will begin the program plan check process once a program contract is on file and all of the following project specific items have been received:

  • Project application
  • Project application (plan check) fee
  • Plan review checklist
  • Construction plan sets[2]
  • Certification of compliance forms and related electronic input files[3]
  • Equipment and material specification sheets (Note: Completed Mechanical/Plumbing designs that specify equipment and material specifications will suffice).

CHEERS will issue a program "Application Approval Letter" to the client once all required program documentation has been received and approved by CHEERS personnel. The "Application Approval Letter" should be provided to the applicable Building Department by the builder (Please note, CHEERS is not responsible for submitting builder plans or documentation to a building department).

Field Verification & Sampling

PDF copies of all CHEERS SNGBP field inspection forms and worksheets are available on the 'Forms' section of the SNGBP program website at the following location: http://www.nvgreenbuilder.com/.

CHEERS SNGBP field inspection forms need to be uploaded to CHEERS via the SNGBP FTP site. The folder structure for the site is the following:

  • Client Name
    • Project Name
      • Submittal / Plan Check Documents
      • Field Inspection Documents_CF-3Rs
      • CHEERS Lot Certificates

Please see the SNGBP Participant Handbook (Appendix B, SNGBP Sampling Protocols) for additional detail

Quality Assurance

CHEERS field verification of the SNGBP program is done using the CHEERS Quality Assurance Process (QAP). CHEERS QAP is designed to provide impartial and effective quality assurance to projects participating in the SNHBA SNGBP and places a high priority on Quality Assurance. The following guidelines apply to all homes evaluated under the CHEERS QAP:

  • Homes chosen for CHEERS QA evaluations are randomly selected by CHEERS.
  • At a minimum, QA percentage thresholds are met by rounding up to the nearest whole number for each lot tested by a Rater.
  • Raters are not informed that a building/installation will be field checked until after they have completed the original rating and all rating paperwork has been submitted.
  • All QA evaluations conducted by CHEERS QA personnel are documented in the CHEERS database; including QA testing results and summarized/submitted to the SNHBA and participating utilities biannually.
  • QA reports are placed in the Rater's file. Within 5 business days of receiving a request from a Rater, an electronic (PDF) copy of the completed QA report will be sent to the Rater.

Program Certificates

CHEERS will issue a SNGBP program certificate for all lots that successfully meet the program requirements including, but not limited to:

  • Successful completion of all aforementioned program and project application submittal tasks
  • Successful completion of the program plan check review process
  • Accurate registering of 3rd Party HERS inspections with the CHEERS Registry
  • Timely payment of all program and project related fees
  • Conformance with program terms and conditions
  • Compliance with CHEERS field verification and Quality Assurance Program (QAP)

CHEERS SNGBP lot certificates will be uploaded to the SNGBP FTP site according to the following folder structure:

  • Client Name
    • Project Name
      • Submittal / Plan Check Documents
      • Field Inspection Documents_CF-3Rs
      • CHEERS Lot Certificates

[2]Construction plan sets include architectural drawings, window and door schedules, elevation/wall/roof/floor construction assemblies, floor finish schedule, and a list of lots, addresses, and their respective plan numbers. Plans sets should be submitted electronically to CHEERS.

[3]EnergyPro electronic input files submitted to CHEERS will have a ".bld" file extension.

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