How to Apply

To apply, a builder, or builder representative, must complete the following 4 steps:

  1. Contact CHEERS via email or phone 1-800-424-3377 to confirm SNGBP program requirements and receive assignment of a CHEERS SNGBP program representative.
  2. Complete, sign, and return a SNGBP Program Contract and Software License Agreement if they are not already on file with CHEERS. A copy of a Program Contract and Software License Agreement can be found on the CHEERS website at
  3. Submit all required program documentation to CHEERS (see below for detail).
  4. Contract with an Energy Modeling Company to complete the required SNGBP energy modeling and submit all required energy modeling documentation (CF-1R's).

Required Submittal Documentation

To complete the application process, please complete and submit the following required information:

  • Project Application
  • Plan Review Checklist
  • Construction Plan Set
  • Compliance Input Files
  • Equipment & Material Specification Sheets
  • Program Application Fee ($250 Per Master Plan)[1]

Submittal Methods

You may submit the above documentation to CHEERS via the following methods:

OPTION 1: Upload to CHEERS FTP Site (Preferred)

Please email to request access to the CHEERS SNGBP FTP site. A CHEERS support representative will email you the following information within 24 hours:

  • Secure web address
  • Login name
  • Password

The folder structure for the site is the following:

  • Client Name
    • Project Name
      • Submittal / Plan Check Documents
      • Field Inspection Documents_CF-3Rs
      • CHEERS Lot Certificates

A CHEERS support representative is available to assist you with any questions on how to navigate or use the site.

OPTION 2: Email

You may submit the required information via email to

OPTION 3: Mail

You may mail the required files on a CD or thumb drive, along with a check for the Program Application Fee to:

Attention: SNGBP Program
5757 Pacific Avenue, Suite #220
Stockton, CA 95207

Builder Reminder!

  • Employ an energy modeling Compliance Company for completion of the required energy analysis.
  • Employ a CHEERS certified 3rd party HERS rater to verify the SNGBP program energy features.

[1] Payments can be made to CHEERS via a check, credit card, or Paypal payment. Please make checks payable to CHEERS and mail to Attn: SNGBP Program, 5757 Pacific Avenue, Suite #220, Stockton, CA 95207.

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